Utilities are exposed to several forms of potential lost revenue. In some cases these can be very significant. Meter bypass is possible as long as consumers have physical access to distribution cables, but less tangible forms of revenue loss also exist - such as payment disputes and negative payment balances - that can create costs for the utility in terms of lost revenues, brand risk and management time.

SteamaCo offers several forms of loss protection including bypass detection, tamper proofing, edge computing and an indelible accounting ledger.

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SteamaCo charges for loss protection as follows:

  • Indelible accounting ledger: included in all SaaS tiers

  • Bypass detection software: included in Professional and Enterprise SaaS tiers

  • Bulk meters: pricing varies



Bypass detection

SteamaCo supplies bulk meters for installation anywhere in the distribution network. Once configured, Steama continuously compares the energy passing through each bulk meter with the energy passing through each Edge downstream of that bulk meter. In case Steama detects losses outside configured tolerances, it raises an alert.

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Edge computing

Edges compute tariffs locally, with periodic synchronisation with Steama. This means Edges are capable of switching power off when the consumer’s prepaid balance reaches zero, with no time lag.


Indelible ledger, notifications and cash accounting

Steama offers an indelible ledger of consumer transaction data - energy usage, payments, switching state. No one can amend or delete original records - utility users can only add corrections to the ledger. The data is instantly available to consumers, agents and technicians via the UI, API and mobile notifications, and acts as a single source of truth for all parties to refer to.

In the case of agent cash collection, the agent mobile interface ensures the agent maintains accurate payment records as they go. Instant consumer notifications make it impossible for an agent to log the wrong payment amount. And a permanent audit trail of unique payment records makes it easy to track the agent’s transactions and reconcile them to cash received.


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