IoT gives a central office the power to operate many complex infrastructure assets remotely. But without the right technology, onsite internet outages can be very common in both urban and rural settings, causing service responsiveness problems and forcing the utility to revert to costly manual operations. Connectivity represents the core IT challenge in emerging market operations.

SteamaCo offers the world’s most data-efficient smart meter. Our product helps utilities operate reliably and cost-effectively, even when connectivity is scarce. Cutting edge network architecture and a range of robust connectivity management technologies offer reliable operations even in low-connectivity environments.

Edge computing handles connection retry logic, network selection and semi-autonomous operation for up to 90 days, syncing with SteamaCo’s cloud post-facto. This means data is never lost, only delayed, and meters continue critical operations even when communications are down.

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SteamaCo charges for connectivity as follows:

  • GSM connectivity: included in the SaaS license, subject to SteamaCo’s Fair Use Policy

  • LoRa connectivity: free of charge

  • Connectivity management: included in the SaaS license


Cost savings

SteamaCo's product reduces unnecessary site visits. Robust connectivity and cloud-first architecture enables the utility to diagnose problems, configure meter settings and update firmware remotely at any time via the online UI and API.

SteamaCo’s smart meters typically need 100kB of data per month. This is 100s of times more efficient than comparable products, which usually need MBs of data per month.



Network architecture overview

Edges connect to Steama via a Core base station. This is more reliable and more efficient than each meter connecting to the cloud directly.


Global network | GSM

Cores connect to Steama via GPRS (also known as 2G, or mobile data) as their primary communications channel. SteamaCo’s smart meters are extremely data-efficient, typically needing 100kB per Edge per month.


Local network | LoRa

LoRa is a packet radio protocol that offers exceptionally long range at low burden, at the expense of bandwidth. Unlike mesh, LoRa is a point-to-point network arrangement.

Recommended range is 500m per Core (with obstacles) and up to 1.5km per Core (line of sight).


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