The energy transition

To industrialise, emerging markets need to deliver energy, water and fuel to 1.3bn unserved consumers. SteamaCo enables organisations to operate as their own micro utility - buying, selling and saving energy at the local level.

Utility IoT

How do you sell power to someone who doesn't have a bank account? How do technicians read meters at thousands of homes without reliable roads?

SteamaCo's platform is an integrated set of IoT technologies - cloud software built on a network of very low cost smart meters - built to work anywhere. Each device is as simple as possible, deferring computing power and, crucially, cost to the cloud. This cost efficiency means more sensors, higher resolution data and finer automation, which leads to better purchasing / use decisions for the customer.

SteamaCo's interoperable cloud software (API) remotely switches any number of resources on and off, instantly processes payments and communicates key information to consumers, technicians and site managers in a timely fashion.

We're doing this right now, 1,000s of times a day, in places where you can’t even make a phone call.

Today steamaco serves

  • 3,000 homes and businesses

  • in 9 countries

  • through a 350kW installed asset base

  • of 42 mini grids

  • 100's of biogas digesters and solar irrigation pumps.


SteamaCo enables us to sell energy in unprecedented ways to the customers who need it most… backed by unflinching customer support.
— Sam Slaughter, CEO, PowerGen Renewable Energy

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