An historic opportunity

To industrialise, emerging markets need to deliver energy, water and fuel to 1.3bn unserved consumers. SteamaCo is concerned with making these utilities cheap, abundant and clean.

Off-grid IoT

Normally a utility sells its service via meters. But normal meters don’t work in an off-grid context. How do you sell power to someone without a bank account? How does a technician go to read the meter without a road to the house?

SteamaCo enables convenient buying and selling of off-grid utilities. Our universal smart meter connects any utility asset to the cloud wirelessly. We crunch the data, process payments and physically switch utilities on or off within seconds. We're doing this right now, 1,000s of times a day, in places where you can’t even make a phone call.

Today steamaco serves

  • 2,000 homes and businesses

  • in 7 countries

  • through a 250kW installed asset base

  • of 40 off-grid mini grids

  • 300 solar irrigation pumps

  • and 500 biogas digesters


SteamaCo enables us to sell energy in unprecedented ways to the customers who need it most… backed by unflinching customer support.
— Sam Slaughter, CEO, PowerGen Renewable Energy

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