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Off-Grid Energy Monitoring Solutions

Anyone can be a micro utility. Collect payments, monitor electricity use and communicate with customers... anywhere... anytime.


Our product works where wireless internet is not available and power cuts are frequent: on islands, up mountains, in the savannah – all we need is a GSM signal.

Microgrids: the new frontier of off-grid energy solutions (a SteamaCo project in Kenya)
SteamaCo at Work:

I AM: an off-grid microgrid developer I HAVE: 700 electricity users at 21 sites across East Africa I NEED: mobile payment control, remote control, remote monitoring, and SMS alerts

“SteamaCo provides real-time access to insightful data direct to our computer screens from across the world”

Lauren Kickham

Vulcan Inc.

Grid Extension

SteamaCo puts a device into your business that gives you live data and remote control of your assets, on the internet, on your phone, from anywhere at all times. This allows you to track power use, change behaviour and save money.

Grid Extension: extending energy services where they're needed
SteamaCo at Work:

I AM: an agribusiness I HAVE: excess power from my processing facilities and 100 worker villages who could use it I NEED: electricity monitoring, mobile payment control, and remote control

“SteamaCo enables us to sell energy in unprecedented ways to the customers who need it most… backed by unflinching customer support.”

Sam Slaughter

PowerGen Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency

We currently automate power and water supply at 23 sites in three countries and across four mobile networks. Clients include E.ON, Vulcan, a blue chip company headquartered in Nairobi, and a large agricultural estate, among others.

Wells Fargo: energy efficiency for the developing world (a SteamaCo controls system can be seen in the upper right)
SteamaCo at Work

I AM: a blue chip operations company I HAVE: an on-grid building with heavy electricity, water, and fuel consumption I NEED: remote monitoring and smart automation to save money on my monthly bills

Water Supply

Our bitHarvester smart meters work together with our web app, Steama. Steama handles 100 mobile payments and 4,000 bitHarvester messages per day from 700 homes and businesses, all of which rely on our tech for their utilities.

Water Supply: metering and control in remote contexts
SteamaCo at Work

I AM: a renewable energy NGO I HAVE: a water grid supplying multiple users with water I NEED: water flow monitoring and instant SMS alerts

“SteamaCo is a critical component for our strategy of mobilising private sector investment for remote communities in Nepal”

Nick Virr

Renewable World

SteamaCo Technology

SteamaCo technology is a combination of high-performance, modular hardware and flexible cloud software. Built for the most rugged contexts, we provide high-resolution data, remote control, customisable automation, and seamless integration with any mobile money network.

  input icons Multiple generation sources or application-specific sensors are controlled, monitored, and metered in real-time.  
Loudspeaker cog     Eye cog bitHarvester smart meters monitor and control industrial hardware and relay information to SteamaCo’s cloud software.  
Cogs2 SteamaCo software processes mobile payments and manages any number of installations through a unified online interface.  

Steama Platform: bitHarvester and software technology