600m unconnected people.

Across Africa, people pay 20 to 100 times more than their developed country counterparts to power their lives with kerosene lamps, batteries and generators.

The electric grid is more affordable, but will take decades to reach them, if ever. People are willing to pay for a better alternative, provided they can pay as they go.

Off-grid energy.

Companies have begun financing off-grid energy assets, but unlike in developed economies, they have no viable means to retail electricity and operate commercially in off-grid Africa – no internet connection, no power purchase agreements and no banking services.

Steama.co enables off-grid utilities to retail electricity in remotest Africa.

Universal Smart Metering

Set it and forget it.

Monitor and control electricity, water and fuel remotely, from anywhere in the world. Automatically switch connections on and off in tandem with usage and payment data.

Data Visualisation

Monitor connected customers and machinery.

Live operational and financial data sliced by individual, site and portfolio, utility usage and time period. All viewable in steama.co's online dashboard and through the API.

Payment Collection

Process payments seamlessly, anywhere.

Steama.co supports 16 tariff plans and integrates with any mobile money provider in any country. Don't like mobile money? Steama.co also supports scratch cards, major credit cards and Paypal.

Powerful Alerts

Business intelligence and the power to act on it.

Set customisable SMS & email alerts and real world switching actions, triggered by events on site. All configurable on the Steama dashboard.

Do better business in frontier markets...


Steama.co enables its clients to retail electricity, reliably and conveniently, in remotest Africa Steama.co’s universal smart metering platform makes it easy to collect payments through mobile money, charge cost reflective tariffs and switch power on and off automatically in tandem with payments.

Steama.co’s technology communicates with you, your team and your customers, giving timely data analytics and the ability to act on them.

…from anywhere in the world.