How it works

Smart metering set-up infographic.png

bitHarvester Core and bitHarvester Edge are networked smart meters that maintain a point-to-point wireless LoRa network. This is simpler, lower power and longer range than a mesh network, with 3km range and virtually no line-of-sight issues. The devices then transmit to our Steama cloud software via GPRS (primary) and SMS (backup), for rock solid connectivity even in the most remote locations.

Point to Point Wireless

Point to point wireless.png

Install meters anywhere on the network

In the home, on poles, in distribution boxes.

1,000s of Edges connect to a
single Core

Wirelessly via LoRa packet radio.

Each Core connects to SteamaCo

Wirelessly via GPRS (primary) and SMS (back up).

From $35 per meter

+ monthly subscription