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Energy IoT

Utility operations require perfectly coordinated, repetitive execution.

SteamaCo's Energy IoT is a suite of edge computing, cloud software and machine-to-machine communications technologies that automate utility operations in real time. The utility determines the operating policies, SteamaCo then handles the execution of those policies, moment by moment, anywhere on the planet.

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Connectivity represents the core IT challenge in emerging market operations.

SteamaCo offers the world’s most data-efficient smart meter. Our product helps utilities operate reliably and cost-effectively, even when connectivity is scarce. Cutting edge network architecture and a range of robust connectivity management technologies offer reliable operations even in low-connectivity environments.

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Payments & Tariffs

Payment methods differ across utility providers, and tariff discovery is often key to the utility's economic performance. From the consumer's point of view, convenient, reliable payments are essential to trust and adoption of the utility service.

SteamaCo's wide range of payment integrations and tariffs, coupled with an indelible cloud accounting ledger, work together to simplify and automate payment collection, no matter what. SteamaCo enables transactions even when banking services are not available.

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Loss Protection

Utilities are exposed to several forms of potential lost revenue. In some cases these can be very significant. Meter bypass, payment disputes and negative payment balances can create costs for the utility in terms of lost revenues, brand risk and management time.

SteamaCo offers several forms of loss protection including bypass detection, tamper proofing, edge computing and an indelible accounting ledger.

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