Payment methods differ across utility providers, and tariff discovery is often key to the utility's economic performance. From the consumer's point of view, convenient, reliable payments are essential to trust and adoption of the utility service.

SteamaCo's wide range of payment integrations and tariffs, coupled with an indelible cloud accounting ledger, work together to simplify and automate payment collection, no matter what. SteamaCo enables transactions even when banking services are not available.



  • Included with every Steama account.

  • Mobile money services may charge additional transaction fees.



Payment integrations

Payment integration is the automatic processing and accounting of transactions.

Steama enables the utility to support both cash and digital consumer payments. Field agents can log cash payments via the Steama App or by SMS message. And, where mobile money is available, Steama enables the consumer to pay directly.

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Tariffs are a set-it-and-forget-it feature. The utility sets policy, the Steama cloud software then maintains tariffs continuously. When a payment comes in, Steama matches it to the correct user account, switches power and monitors energy use.

SteamaCo offers a variety of pre-set tariff plans that are each customisable to the utility’s exact requirements.


Records and notifications

With every payment, Steama updates the consumer’s account balance and notifies the consumer and the agent of the transaction. Helpful consumer notifications like Low Balance and Meter Status help consumers to self-serve, understand their energy use and reduce unnecessary customer service requests.


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