Utility operations require perfectly coordinated, repetitive execution. Essential tasks like reading meter data, amending consumer balances and switching power are prone to human error, and the problem gets worse with scale.

SteamaCo's Energy IoT is a suite of edge computing, cloud software and machine-to-machine communications technologies that automate utility operations in real time. The utility determines the operating policies, SteamaCo then handles the execution of those policies, moment by moment, anywhere on the planet.

SteamaCo’ product offers a full suite of demand side automation features; everything the utility needs to sell power to end consumers.



SteamaCo offers the benefits of advanced smart meter infrastructure at the price of a dumb meter.

Cost savings

Energy IoT reduces time on site and human error.



Demand side automation

Steama is principally a set-it-and-forget-it service. 

The product’s automation functions are:

  • Remote monitoring

  • Remote switching

  • Payment integration

  • Tariff processing

  • Connectivity management

  • Computer interface: API


Decision support tools

Steama also offers several functions that help consumers, technicians and agents to go about their work.

The product’s decision support tools are:

  • Notifications: SMS, email

  • Alerts: in the UI

  • Reports: CSV, PDF

  • Charts, data visualisation

  • User interfaces: cloud UI, mobile UI



SteamaCo does not offer full CRM or ERP functionality. Instead, we make it easy to integrate 3rd party services via our well documented, secure, REST API.

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