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Focus - Nigeria

This month we take a look at Nigeria, where consumers spend $14bn per annum on generators and air pollution is classed as the leading cause of death. We showcase how SteamaCo is working towards automating energy systems in the country's 12 most important urban street markets.

Context - Energy in Africa

Africa is experiencing a monumental energy deficit, with 49% of the population still lacking access to basic electricity. At the same time, Africa’s rugged landscape and unrelenting technical conditions make it one of the most challenging places on Earth to operate modern utilities.

Remoteness goes hand in hand with the electrification problem; the locations with the worst roads and telecoms infrastructure are the hardest to serve with electricity. Remoteness occurs far away from modern infrastructure ie. “off-grid”. However, in the power industry, remoteness can also occur where infrastructure is unreliable ie. “bad-grid”.

SteamaCo's technology enables its customers to operate modern utility services in even in the most remote places.