The energy transition

The energy transition presents opportunities to save money, modernise and decentralise. Many small, interconnected energy resources bring management cost and complexity. SteamaCo’s automation platform makes modern energy manageable.

Utility IoT

Grid control technologies already exist "upstream" - at generation and storage points. Our product works "downstream" at the point of use, offering advanced consumer management, payment control and data analytics. Forged in the most exacting technical environments - off-grid Africa, Asia and Latin America - SteamaCo's product is robust, simple and four times cheaper than comparable smart meters.

SteamaCo improves all parts of the data supply chain, from end point, through our cloud, into your management systems. We're able to automate data acquisition from any device (our own or others') and deliver data and alerts efficiently to where you need them via RESTful API.

Today steamaco serves

  • 3,000 homes and businesses

  • in 7 countries

  • through a 350kW installed asset base

  • of 42 mini grids

  • 100's of biogas digesters, solar irrigation pumps and retail outlets


SteamaCo enables us to sell energy in unprecedented ways to the customers who need it most… backed by unflinching customer support.
— Sam Slaughter, CEO, PowerGen Renewable Energy

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